The department store intern

Welcome to China, where I am currently living for a year now! Guangdong province, Foshan city, Ronggui, in a big department store on a crowded Saturday afternoon.

-Hi, I just bought a tennis racket last week, I used it one time and it just broke, I didn’t do anything special. It just broke.

-(sighing) do you have the receipt? We’ll refund it.

-no only the proof of purchase on Alipay.

-Well that won’t work then.

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in the back lanes of DiHua Street (迪化街)

Last time I went to DiHua Jie, it was the City God’s birthday! There was an effervescence you rarely see in the old streets of Datong district, and it remained a vivid memory in my mind. But life can’t be busy like that every day… This weekend I went back there, but this time I took more time to visit all the back lanes, pay a tribute to old forgotten beautiful houses that for sure will be destroyed soon, and could admire how the whole place has started to change already.


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A Farewell to Taipei Yuanshan Children’s Recreation Center (photos)

The Yuanshan Children’s park in Taipei is going to close soon, and it will be turned into… something else, as of now it doesn’t seem clear to anyone we asked !

Here’s the location of the Yuanshan Recreation Park: 臺北市玉門街33號, and here’s the location of the Shilin soon to be open park that will replace it by the end of the year if everything’s OK: click here. So if you are Taiwanese and feel nostalgic, know that the park is open Tuesday till Sunday 9am-5pm, and that the entrance is free till it closes by the end of August. However you have to pay 20NT for some attractions. When we went there there were still quite a few people, and kids were as delighted as ever!

Kids park-2

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Dihua Street (迪化街) and the City God Birthday

Last month I brought one of my friend to Dihua Street to see the famous street with chinese pharmacy stores selling all kinds of goods, furniture shops and craftsmen doing all kind of traditional items. As we were sitting on small plastic chairs enjoying a bowl of noodles, we saw a procession coming, it was the local temple’s birthday. Little did I know that four hours later, the procession would still be parading, stretching over maybe several kilometers!

This article has two parts: let me introduce you the many nice attractions in Dihua Street, and then show you some of the City God birthday’s procession pictures!

Dihua Jie-73
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The 4th Nuclear Plant and the Energy Market in Taiwan

There’s a lot of protests ongoing in Taiwan regarding the 4th nuclear plant, and during a discussion this week I found myself challenged on arguments I had not verified. So I did some research based on official materials to give a basic background on Taiwan’s overall energy market. This is a long post, you’ll need a while to go through it! I am of course not an expert in the field of energy so please forgive -and correct- any inaccuracy.


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Made in Taiwan – The Band (interview)

Today I am sharing with you something different! There has always been K-Pop and J-Pop, but… come on guys, it’s old story now, time to move forward and… how about T-Pop?

I discovered last summer a French Band called Made In Taiwan, and I found it funny that T-Pop actually could spread as far as France! Getting to know the band, I realized though that it is actually not related to Taiwan musically or culturally, but anyway it is an interesting discovery, and a band to follow for sure! Read on for the summary of the interview with Manu, who created the band…


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Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 2014

This year in Taiwan, the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s day were both on February 14th, and it led to a firework of heart lanterns, a mixture of love messages and fortune wishes written on paper lanterns that apparently was startling for everyone, since there were people in the street till late in the night in Taipei, more precisely lots of youth and lots of couples, something I have actually rarely seen recently – was it that all over the island, boyfriends felt the need to finally invite their girlfriend to go out, or to grab a last opportunity to celebrate the last day of the New Year Celebration? Who knows?

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