Taiwan girls, breast and bras (Benoit)

When i arrived at the office this morning, I could notice that something wasn’t right. It looked right, but… I don’t know. Something. Somehow, my desk seems different from how I left it, the day before. Oh, almost nothing. I can see there’s a little less dust; I look more carefully then -oh! is it possible- who dares…?

I have a quick glance at my colleagues, they ignore me, as usual. I remember, my older colleague told me, never leave your desk unattended, never leave your computer on the desk, use your key, use your drawer! Was it a sign? At first I was amused, but now that, this morning, I look at my desk, I think, well, yes, maybe, she was right, I should have paid more attention; I should have been careful. I should have watched and protected myself. I look again: yes, it has moved, it has definitely moved. I feel scared, and also I am angry.

I look again at my colleagues behind the glass wall of my open space, I try to figure out who might have done that!! HOW DID SOMEONE DARE? The atmosphere is so serious, I can hear only the coffee machine, the printer in the back, the sound of Taiwanese, some indistinct noise I hardly hear where I understand, from time to time, a few sentences, every day, it is the same, and nevertheless, today… So who did it? In this building, there are maybe 1000 people, it could be anyone! And, of course, most of them are girls! Ah, girls, of course! Only a girl would do that to me, I knew it! I knew it! It must be a girl! I don’t even want to imagine how she could have… but, if it was a man? Ah, it is possible too. A man, they are all the same, they are all obsessed, there ain’t many here but probably, if no one could see… Yes, that’s possible, no, that’s sure! It’s a man, a woman would have never dared.

There’s no point arguing. I feel distressed. I have to face reality: someone touched it during the night. My breast implants. Who it was, I will probably never know. But that’s my life. I sell big boobs. I sell breast implants. I sell dream. This is an appealing job. Many people want to know more about it, and many people are dreaming about it, in a way. When we attend congresses, there’s always a few people who come at our booth, men who want to feel if it’s real, girls who have a few questions, and oh yes, it’s less boring than other products, finally. The small silicone balls had a lot of success, in the past, people would play with it, and innocently ask:

this one is small, what is it?

This one, oh, those are the testicular implants.

Ah…I see, thank you.

They would put it back on the table, and discretly move on to the next booth. Often, the custom officers would stop me all the time:

Are you a surgeon? What do you have in your bag?

Oh, it’s just boobs.

Let me see.

But in Taiwan, that doesn’t happen so often. Taiwan is a rather conservative country. Of course, from time to time, over a glass of beer and a bowl of noodles, I meet friend’s friends who are interested, or I have inquiries from someone about her girlfriend who has an issue with her implants, but usually, no one’s interested. Hey, still I wonder who bought this 7000 implants last year then! But that’s not my point tonight to argue. No.

What I want to ask tonight, is: if it really didn’t matter, then, why are virtually ALL the bras from the island so big? Why does everyone buy bras that are many sizes up, why are the bras so thick with extra cushion, probably 1cm or more? Is it really because it is not well seen to let the nipples slip a little bit?

And so I wonder, should we do a marketing survey on this very crucial issue? Why? As often, I am puzzled by Taiwan, slightly amused, and I wonder how, I wonder why.

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