From Hualien to Taidong

The East Coast of Taiwan is really beautiful, and less developed than the western coast.


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I assume it has to do with political reasons, geography, and climate: Chang Kai Tchek arrived from China and put his capital in Taipei, in the North. The east coast is difficult to reach-before a tunnel was open from Taipei to Yilan a few years ago, it took around 2 to 3 hours drive just to reach the coast, then another 3 to 4 hours to arrive in Taidong. Lastly, the coast is open to the Pacific and thus more vulnerable to typhoons and tsunamis.

But all of this makes for a harbor of peace and tranquility that is rather unusual in Taiwan. There are some very dramatic landscapes with rice fields, mountains abruptly falling into the sea, green everywhere, from fields, pasture and mountains, while if you just turn your head you can have a look into the Pacific Ocean and a sea of flat blue is facing all that green.

The northern part of the coast has 2 relatively big cities, and the very famous Taroko gorges, thus the place looks more bustling than in the south. Because we had only 2 days, we decided to rent a car from Hualien to Taidong county, but we stopped in a very nice B&B along the way and couldn’t lead to the city of Taidong this time. But since the trip was so nice and relaxing, we will certainly try to go next time!

Click here or the picture to see the set of pictures from this week-end!


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