A training with Taipei Parkour team “Yun Bao”

This week-end, as I was in Fulong to watch some sandcastles, I met a group of young guys who were having quite a cool time making some kind of super jumps using a large ball buried in the sand. Since I had no idea what Parkour was, I thought that that was it, just jumping like crazy in the sand!

Of course, I decided to take some pictures!


I checked the website of their group, and I think they are doing pretty impressive things: click here for their FB page and here for their Youtube page.

And as it turned out… Parkour is much more than just jumping on a ball on the beach! As usual, you can see the definition on Wikipedia by clicking here. It is defined as a way to move forward, both in a urban and natural environment. The “traceur” as people practicing this art are called uses his environment to add speed and keep the movement flowing. This is really impressive, and also quite graceful.

Among the team I met, a young guy studying in the US gave me some hints on the whole story and they graciously let me take pictures-I was standing just inches from them so I got a good angle 🙂

I was definitely impressed by what I saw and will keep an eye on their events in the future!

What do you think?