Plum Rain in Taiwan (interlude)

A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of the hot sleepy June, I was home when a huge and torrential rain reached Taipei, a phenomenon commonly known as “Plum Rain” or 梅雨, in Asia (Click link for definition).


I was at my window and looking outside, the atmosphere was hot as usual, the white midday light those who live in tropical countries are familiar with, then the next second I heard someone scream outside, run and then a huge noise. A bang in the sky. It started pouring. Heavens turned black in a wink and thunder started to beat the drums. Hail started soon after.

Water was pouring so strongly that it became almost a wave, you could see the waves falling and falling like a riverfall, washing away all the dirt from Wanhua and hitting the ground hard. No one in the streets, you just can’t walk like this. With the rain there’s a strong wind that immediately cools the temperature and blows your face. The sound is so strong that it penetrates your whole body. It is a deep and regular beat, it calms you down, it reaches your eyes. The sky is balck as if it won’t turn blue ever again.

I started smiling at my window, sure to see in a couple of minutes on TV terrible reports about how this catastrophe destroyed five trees in the countryside, or made a car move 50cm suddenly, or how a snake fell from a tree, all things so interesting TVs don’t have any time left to cover issues like the dispossession of the land from poor people or the hidden trade agreement between China and Taiwan.

The rain, brought by the wind, reached my face and the thunder kept beating, sometimes there are lightnings too, it feels like the end of the world for a while, and it is a nice call back to reality, it is fresh and it is strong, it reminds you to look outside and watch the beauty while it’s there.

Then, as soon as it came, the rain stopped and the sun was shining again. Everything was shining, the air smells good. The rain was over till the next day. I went back at my desk to study. I felt light.

What do you think?