A Farewell to Taipei Yuanshan Children’s Recreation Center (photos)

The Yuanshan Children’s park in Taipei is going to close soon, and it will be turned into… something else, as of now it doesn’t seem clear to anyone we asked !

Here’s the location of the Yuanshan Recreation Park: 臺北市玉門街33號, and here’s the location of the Shilin soon to be open park that will replace it by the end of the year if everything’s OK: click here. So if you are Taiwanese and feel nostalgic, know that the park is open Tuesday till Sunday 9am-5pm, and that the entrance is free till it closes by the end of August. However you have to pay 20NT for some attractions. When we went there there were still quite a few people, and kids were as delighted as ever!

Kids park-2

This place by the MRT Yuanshan was opened by the Japanese in 1934, but replaced by a zoo-I assume when KMT came to Taiwan after 1949- until the animals were moved to the Taipei Zoo in Muzha. After that it was closed for a while until it reopened in 1987. Looks like it was fairly popular in the 90’s, before it draws always smaller crowds. Now I saw that a more modern, bigger park will be opened in Shilin soon and is almost completed.

Even if I obviously haven’t been there when I was a child, I went there for the first time on a sunny afternoon with my friend Wendell, and it was quite refreshing to see all those extremely happy kids with their brave parents and grandparents playing all kind of games, toboggans, ferry wheel, maze, etc.

Here we go for the gallery!


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