Happy 2014 from Taiwan ! A look back into 2013 and expectations for 2014

To celebrate the new year, I am sharing with you a selection of my shots from last year!

My pictures reflect more everyday life in Taiwan than anything else; but my thought is that no matter what politics and businessmen are doing, people are still more important.


If I summarize last year in Taiwan, 2013 looked to me like a transition year,

  • we have seen our fair deal of food and health scandals: tainted oil, ASE and river pollution, food additives, rice mislabeling, and so many more;
  • democratic protests challenging the military and the politics after the unfaire death of a soldier-the background being the shift to a voluntary-based army;
  • political storms with the long and damaging conflict within the Kuomintang between Ma Ying Jiu and Wang Jin Ping.
  • A very important trade agreement has been negotiated in secret between President Ma and China, while not signed yet it is looming, potentially damaging the job situation for the poorer part of the population and potentially unlocking even more profits for large corporations, and allowing Chinese people to come and settle in Taiwan.
  • Large electronics corporations have not been doing good, HTC is in big troubles, Acer and Asus have falling profits.

I don’t see many good news worth mentioning for this year, apart than next year looks better!

  • A giant Yellow Duck that has rejoiced the heart of millions of Taiwanese in various locations around the island,
  • A few minor trade agreements have been signed, and the number of Chinese tourists keep increasing. A couple of good movies hit the screen, like 12 nights and Taiwan from Above, all rather pessimistical though. Mediatek seems well placed though on the world market, thanks to a privileged access to the Chinese market.

I really hope many good things happen in 2014, and first I wish that China and Japan calm down their war escalation as soon as possible.


So for next year?  I wish sincerely that more people realize that it makes no sense to hate Japanese because you are Chinese, etc etc, and that the tensions between Japan and China coold down. Peace, my friends!

For Taiwan, I hope that people can face their responsibilities instead of digging their heads in the ground and waiting for a potentially bleak future. I hope that government and corporations give a safer and more rewarding environment to people, and that, as some polls tend to show, salaries start to rise again after a 10 years constant trend downwards.

For Litanies, I expect to see more written articles. In the last few months I have worked on a lot of projects outside of the blog and apologize for that. I hope also, now that my Chinese has improved, to publish some articles in Chinese. I have quite a lot of interviews that I want to publish with videos, and there are a few new things that I can’t yet talk about.

So anyway: HAPPY 2014 and enjoy last year’s pictures! You can click on the pictures, they will direct you to the Flickr page! Hover on it, you’ll see the title and an option for Fullscreen.

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