Interview (3): April, student and showgirl

This is the 3rd interview for Litanies. The idea is simple: get to know Taiwan through the eyes of Taiwanese randomly met around me. There are 3 parts: one picture taken with a middle-format film camera that I give back to the person who does the interview, one short video of 3-5 minutes, and one article to give some background.

The interview revolves around 3 questions: who are you? what are you doing now? how do you see the future for you and Taiwan?

This time I met April, a 22 year old student who is also working as a showgirl in her spare-time. We talk about this special job, the way it fits in her life and study, and how she sees Taiwan as a young student.

What struck me during this interview with April is how life for her is actually different from what I imagined-I thought naively that she would talk to me about parties and the environment a showgirl has to deal with, and realized that actually studying is much more important and that this job is more a way to earn good money than anything else, thus the topic actually shifted from « being a showgirl » to « being a student », which makes a lot of sense!

I noticed also the rather pessimistic vision about Taiwan from a study perspective, lots of time spent and pressure, for an uncertain result.

And as for her description of the work as a showgirl, it is actually pretty close to what I imagined, you need to look pretty of course, and there’s a lot of competition. After we discussed, I went to see a promotional event where she had to distribute flyers, and the organizer just asked her to actually also do the animation without much of a preparation, which she did with a lot of talent!

So all in all I wish April a lot of luck for her studies and work, she also has a Facebook fan page that you can visit:

What do you think?