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Dihua Street (迪化街) and the City God Birthday

Last month I brought one of my friend to Dihua Street to see the famous street with chinese pharmacy stores selling all kinds of goods, furniture shops and craftsmen doing all kind of traditional items. As we were sitting on small plastic chairs enjoying a bowl of noodles, we saw a procession coming, it was the local temple’s birthday. Little did I know that four hours later, the procession would still be parading, stretching over maybe several kilometers!

This article has two parts: let me introduce you the many nice attractions in Dihua Street, and then show you some of the City God birthday’s procession pictures!

Dihua Jie-73
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Made in Taiwan – The Band (interview)

Today I am sharing with you something different! There has always been K-Pop and J-Pop, but… come on guys, it’s old story now, time to move forward and… how about T-Pop?

I discovered last summer a French Band called Made In Taiwan, and I found it funny that T-Pop actually could spread as far as France! Getting to know the band, I realized though that it is actually not related to Taiwan musically or culturally, but anyway it is an interesting discovery, and a band to follow for sure! Read on for the summary of the interview with Manu, who created the band…


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The River

One night, I went down to the river. I don’t know, maybe it was the huge moon rising in the night, maybe it was the typhoon that was about to swallow Taiwan. The air was warm, comfortable. Friday night. It felt good.

The DadaoCheng Pier

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Lala Mountain

As we were heading to Lala Shan, I realized I didn’t know what was Lala Shan at all. I thought it was a touristic place like many other I had seen, with an old street, slightly old-fashion, full of more-or-less modern shops selling more-or-less appealing goods. I thought this was the kind of place where you spend a Sunday afternoon.
But as we made our two hours and a half way through the road, 60 km of laces going always deeper in the Taoyuan county’s mountain, it became evident that this was not specifically the kind of place I was thinking about.

Lala Mountain

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Into the night

I have been busy lately, and it is the first time since… a long time that I could take pictures in Taipei last night. It was great, and here is the video. Each time I feel it is so good to be here!

The Bakers

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From Hualien to Taidong

The East Coast of Taiwan is really beautiful, and less developed than the western coast.


Click here or the picture to see the set of pictures from this week-end!

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Keelung Fish Market

Fishermen[Click here or on any image in the article to see the whole gallery of pictures]

This article has been written after we spent one night in the Fish Market in Keelung, North Taiwan. It left a strong impression on me, and, although it was almost one year ago, I can still remember every minute, every impression; the magic of this night will stay with me for a long time.

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