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The 4th Nuclear Plant and the Energy Market in Taiwan

There’s a lot of protests ongoing in Taiwan regarding the 4th nuclear plant, and during a discussion this week I found myself challenged on arguments I had not verified. So I did some research based on official materials to give a basic background on Taiwan’s overall energy market. This is a long post, you’ll need a while to go through it! I am of course not an expert in the field of energy so please forgive -and correct- any inaccuracy.


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Huaguang Community

Huaguang Community

Right at the heart of Taipei, next to the Chang Kai Chek Memorial, one of Taiwan’s biggest landmarks, there is a big plot of land owned by the ministry of justice.
When KMT arrived in Taiwan after losing China to the Communists in the late 40’s, the land was given to some public servants as a temporary shelter until an hypothetical victory against the Communists. However, this never happened, and the result today, more than 60 years later, is a complex situation leading to the destruction of an historical part of Taipei, a memory of the Japanese era and the recent KMT era.

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Why I can’t pay taxes in France: life in Taiwan (Benoit)

«-French Tax Office, may I help you?
-Good afternoon, I live abroad and work for a foreign company, I would like to know if I must pay taxes in France next year.
-Well, it depends, where do you live?
-I live in Taiwan.
-Good. Give me a moment, Taiwan… Taiwan… Taiwan, where is that, Taiwan… do you live in Bangkok?
-No, Taiwan, close to China, you know.
-Ah, well, yes, sure, Taiwan, Taiwan… no, Taiwan, T, Tadjikistan, Tasmania, no, it doesn’t exist, sorry.
-What do you mean it doesn’t exist?
-Well, I’m sorry, sir, but you aren’t living anywhere, you can’t pay taxes in France.»

Taiwan Flag-Reverse

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A Red House for prostitutes? (Benoit)

Back in 1992, the Taiwanese government decided to ban prostitution. You could think that the good old days were finished for lonely Taiwanese guys? Really? Wait, in its great generosity, the Government decided to allow 30 prostitutes, not one more and not one less, to practice their work legally. It is unclear to me what motivated the government to do so, but even less clear is why they allowed, among those 30 somehow privileged women, to let a 10 years-old girl remain a prostitute legally!

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Are you Taiwanese? (Nien Hua)




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About “Love” Taiwan (Nien Hua)




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