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in the back lanes of DiHua Street (迪化街)

Last time I went to DiHua Jie, it was the City God’s birthday! There was an effervescence you rarely see in the old streets of Datong district, and it remained a vivid memory in my mind. But life can’t be busy like that every day… This weekend I went back there, but this time I took more time to visit all the back lanes, pay a tribute to old forgotten beautiful houses that for sure will be destroyed soon, and could admire how the whole place has started to change already.


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The 4th Nuclear Plant and the Energy Market in Taiwan

There’s a lot of protests ongoing in Taiwan regarding the 4th nuclear plant, and during a discussion this week I found myself challenged on arguments I had not verified. So I did some research based on official materials to give a basic background on Taiwan’s overall energy market. This is a long post, you’ll need a while to go through it! I am of course not an expert in the field of energy so please forgive -and correct- any inaccuracy.


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Portrait- Young Fruit, Fish and Meat workers around Dragon Boat Festival

In Taiwan, the Dragon Boat Festival or 端午節, is one of the most important of the year and celebrates the start of spring. People race on Dragon Boats-a tradition that is still very present in Taiwan, eat ZongZi (粽子), a delicious specialty made of glutinous rice stuffed with all kinds of meat and vegetables, wrapped in a (often bamboo) leaf. And everyone gets a public holiday…
Everyone? Not really. As I was walking on the streets on Friday night in Xinpu and Wanhua, I came across many people still hard at work, preparing the huge quantities of food that are going to be sold over the week-end and the following week. Among those workers, I decided to share with you the portraits of 3 young people who were standing out in the night, each of them dealing with one traditional product you can find in markets: fruits, fish, and meat.

Cutting Watermelons in a fruit shop in Xinpu: happiness

disposing the Watermelon

in Xinpu

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