When I am asked about why I love Taiwan, “people” is the answer that always comes to my mind first. I met so many great people, I heard so many stories over these three years here, that I think it is fair to dedicate a section specifically to Taiwan people on the blog.

What more natural then, than spend some time with Taiwanese people, I mean not my friends or people I know, but with Taiwanese people I meet randomly when walking on the street and who, for any reason, get in communication with us.

I hope to create here a view of Taiwan that is like its population, multiple, lively and so touching!

4 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. John

    I’d like to compare Taiwan to China. Only to point out the differences. I’ll assume Taiwan is more friendlier. I remember living in China. I had conversations with random people who later on wanna keep contact with you. So you get their number and other contact info. They keep contact with you for a brief time. Then after a month at most, they sever ties with you. And they don’t tell you that it’s over. They just ignore your text messages and phone calls. One moment they’re your friend. Next moment they’re a total stranger. And then they disappear. And why they chose to stop talking to you remains an unsolved mystery for the rest of your life.

    God bless Taiwan for being so much different than China. My above paragraph describes the Chinese people. Not the Taiwanese. So I’m going to say that even though I was never in Taiwan, I hope to go there someday. I hope the Taiwanese people are actually real. My question for the writer above. Did the Taiwanese people you met actually keep in contact with you long term? Just thought I’d throw that out there. My advice so far. Stay away from China. Go to Taiwan. Welcome to China? I’d rather be in Taiwan.

    1. blf_taipei Post author

      Thanks John to come by!
      Yes, I am still friend with my friends from Taiwan 🙂
      Taiwan was more influenced by Japanese and are more polite in general, they tend to avoid direct conflict. However Taiwan and China certainly share the same Chinese culture, especially in Taipei, and this kind of comportment you have seen would be seen in Taiwan too, just milder.

      I go to China, but couldn’t judge how people are there. I think for the chinese culture, your closest friends are very important to you and they will NEVER let them fall, but as you go further away it becomes more disrupted. It’s just like that and I admit, surprising in the beginning!

  2. John

    How would you compare the face saving concept between the Chinese and the Taiwanese?

    Also, which city in Taiwan would you recommend the most? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume that it may depend on certain cities in the country some locals may not be as welcoming towards foreigners.

    Hope you don’t mind me asking.

    In fact which city are you in?

    1. blf_taipei Post author

      Oh, you know, i think it is pretty much the same 🙂 But simply people tend to be more polite here, so it makes life easier. I live in Taipei, I can tell you from the newspaper last week that the place where people are the most happy is XinHsu, Taichung has also a reputation of being laid back and easy to live, and for the South I am not sure but I assume it is pretty much the same. We also found people on the east coast extremely friendly!
      To summarize: everywhere is fine, you will likely have more problems to communicate outside of Taipei because there are less people speaking english, but usually you can get out of almost all situations.


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